Master of Heaven

Master of Heaven

Master of Heaven

Part III of the Legend of Sithalkaan

Hordes of Minotaru zealots have steamrolled across western Japan, scattering proud families into the ashes of anonymity. To expand further, these hideous masters transformed conquered fortresses and temples into bastions of evil. No individual fief could oppose their venomous tide.

Three heroes stand in their path toward domination. Alone, they cannot win. But they have a new ally, am ambitious visionary with grandiose dreams of unification. With support from this opportunistic benefactor, and the clout imparted by the ranks he lavished upon them, they seek to piece together an invasion force capable of defeating their grotesque, puritanical enemies.

That task won’t be easy. Ancient loyalties and animosities threaten to sabotage their campaign. Diabolical Minotaru agents sow mayhem in lands untouched by their repulsive masters. And, Sithalkaan remains a threat to all sides.

Can the samurai unite to save their convulsing nation from destruction?

Who can defeat Sithalkaan and prevent him from seizing the throne of heaven?

Will the stain of Minotaru atrocities ever fade?

The epic clash between legendary foes shall decide the fate of Japan, the world, and the heavens.