About the Author

J. N. de Bedout first opened his eyes deep in the urban heart of Medellin, Colombia. The son of a Colombian father and American mother, he grew up bilingual. After graduating from high school in his native land, the bells of college attracted him to the United States.

bw8P4A3694 copy MediumHis first stop was Atlanta, Georgia. The road through Academia wound through the campuses of Georgia Tech and Georgia State universities. The urban settings of both provided an ample playground.

While working through graduate school, he met an exotic woman from the Eastern Bloc in, of all places, a movie theater. There must have been only one or two seats open in the entire theater when he entered. It was packed for the opening night of Goldeneye. The previews roared, and the shadows made walking up the narrow stairs difficult and tedious. And right next to that one empty seat? Her. She, too, had arrived unchaperoned. And her eastern accent made it all the more tantalizing given we were watching a James Bond flick.

Despite the language barrier, persistence produced love. That love pulled him to Texas. Ah, amore! At this point, you might be wondering whether their family expanded in size. In that regard, fortune shined on this new union, gifting them with a bright son (with a tail). He constantly tried to teach his parents the secrets of the universe, but language muffled his deep dissertations. The one undisputable realization that their 14-lb child taught them was:

Everybody needs something fluffy to love.

A career followed after he completed his engineering and business degrees. He became a code-slinger. Visual Basic, C#, SQL, BizTalk, Dynamics CRM… The list goes on (and is still growing).

Somewhere along the way, he wrote a story he had no initial intentions of publishing. It took on a life of its own, until one day, he decided to publish it. At first, his wife was in shock. Stupefied. Speechless. The same reactions rippled throughout the family. A writer was born. From the ashes of rewrites and the shadows of secrecy, the story solidified and took shape.

And the rest… will eventually be history.

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